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About Us

Know a little more about the house and location.

Casa Aquiares Lodge is a family project, a beautiful house with 5 rooms totally equipped; it has Wi-Fi, gardens, pool, reading room, dining room, kitchen and easy access to rivers and mountains.

The Casa Aquiares house highlights that   is a mountain area with a cultural and natural history, possesing a range of indigenous and homelife antiques. The gardens around the house feature garden patches of edible herbs, tropical fruits and dinstinctive tropical flowers.


30 minutes hiking from the house is located the magical Aquiares Waterfall; a wonderful place special for people looking for the freedom feeling, surrounded by the majestic nature of the place. 

We are located in Aquiares, a coffee farm 7km north of the center of the Turrialba canton; It has supermarkets, bakeries, bus service and a paved street that takes you in just 15 minutes to the center of Turrialba.

Aquiares means land between rivers, which encapsulates the appeal of the area. The Aquiares town is bordered by the Turrialba and Aquiares rivers, with the Jesus Maria river running through the middle.

It is the largest coffee farm in the Turrialba region, certified by the Rain Forest Alliance.